Why June 1 Always Means Awesome News About Rhode Island Liquor Stores

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Life will be a lot more convenient through Halloween.

One of the great mysteries about Rhode Island liquor stores is the legal hours that stores are allowed to be open. The “regular” legal closing time for liquor stores is 10 pm, Monday through Saturday, while stores can be open 10am-6pm on Sundays.

Summer Hours

June 1 is the start of “Summer Hours”. From June 1 through October 31, liquor stores are allowed to be open until 11pm, Monday through Saturday. Sunday hours remain 10am-6pm…unless it’s a 3-day weekend, then they can be open until 9pm.

Regardless, there are a lot of restaurant staff who will be rejoicing. It’s hard to get some after-shift beers at the liquor store if the kitchen stops serving at 10pm…and liquor stores close at the same time. Now the kitchen crew has a chance to clean up, get everything set for the next day and head out the door in time to show up for the 10:45 rush that happens every single night(Mon-Sat)…until November.

Want to have a little fun?

If you’re in Newport, RI, stop by Bridge Liquors this week around 9:50pm, then sit around and watch the door at people desperately burst through the doors at 9:55, 9:58, 9:59, 10pm…10:02, 10:04…


“WE MADE IT!!!!”
“Wait…what time is it?”
“WHAT?!?! What time do you close?”
“OH! Okay.”

Followed by the next person through the door…

“WE MADE IT!!!!”

Of course, by Wednesday, everyone’s used to it.

Anyway, if you drink and work late, life just got a little easier…and if you drink and it’s 10:25pm, you still have time.

One Last Point

Just because all liquor stores can be open until 11pm, doesn’t mean all liquor stores will be open until 11pm. If you’re in the Newport area, Bridge Liquors is always open as late as state law allows.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Liquor Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?