Why Newport Is So Unfriendly: Our Scapegoats

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16. Providence, Rhode Island

Artsy, geeky, and apparently kind of rude: Providence didn’t dazzle many of the visitors who filled out the survey. Fortunately, the once-seedy Westminster Street is getting a makeover, thanks to the restoration of the Arcade, the country’s oldest indoor mall, and the introduction of a few key boutiques. The debut of the Dean Hotel didn’t hurt, either. Here, visitors and locals can put aside their differences at the karaoke bar, beer hall, or barman Mike Sears’ masterpiece, the Magdalenae Room.

Who the hell is writing these blurbs? Providence is halfway to the top of the list of unfriendliest cities and the worst that’s said about them is “apparently kind of rude”?

Someone got paid.

Regardless, with Providence being so close, it would be little surprise if the people making it such a rude place occasionally took a day trip down to our city to day-drink and flip people off.

The city just above Providence in the rankings is pretty damn close too. Close enough to flood Newport with tourists all summer long and every weekend after that.


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