Why Newport Is So Unfriendly: Our Scapegoats

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Of course, as many people as there are who come to Newport from Miami, the real source of an infestation of bad attitude is a lot closer to home. In theory, just a 3 hour drive away, these folks will have been stuck on Route 95 for 7 goddam hours before they arrive at their time-share on a Friday night. So they’re a little testy. Or a lot testy.

6. New York, New York

It’s no surprise that New York landed in this list’s top 10: it snagged the loathed No. 1 spot on our list of 15 Unfriendliest Cities in America, after all. One voter reported that “people are not exactly the kindest to strangers.”“New York has everything—just don’t ask a person in the street to help you find it.” Despite feeling overwhelmed by the crowds, most people agreed that the frustrations were worth the visit, thanks to boiled bagels, Central Park, and the new One World Trade Center’s staggering city views.

And they’re Yankees fans. So here they are, folks who have a chip on their shoulder when they’re in their home city, travelling far into Red Sox territory on some of the slowest roads they can imagine, running into a sea of Red Sox hats being worn by both local Newporters and the previously mentioned Massholes who are actually from Boston…and “friendly” isn’t going to be in the cards.

Now, with New York at number 6 and the rest of the world in competition, we were surprised to find one more place that can be to blame for Newport’s reputation for unfriendliness, but it exists…


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