Why Rhode Island Was Once Called “Rogue’s Island” (Video)

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…and what’s so funny about Columbus Day weekend in Newport.

As was discussed recently in Newsweek, Rhode Island, and Newport in particular, was founded as a bastion for the type of personal expression that more conservative types (the Massholes of the era) looked down upon. Comedian, MC and occasional nudist Doug Key has embraced a historical derogatory term used by the rest of New England to describe our fair state back when we were a haven for not-quite-puritan-enough Puritans, “Rogue’s Island”. He’s created the Rogue Island Comedy Festival, a 4-day, 8-show humor extravaganza the likes of which Newport has never seen. It will run October 8 – 11 and feature 40+ comics, most with extensive repertoires…and Dennis Hofer.

Anyhow, Doug has created a Kickstarter for the Festival. Not, as one would expect of a stand-up comedian, to beg for money for drugs and morning-after pills(because their couches may pull out, but they don’t), but to offer advanced tickets, VIP passes and the like to you, the member of the public with $10-$100 available for your own deferred comedic gratification. It’s like a laughter 401k, if you were to retire in October to Parlor, Hope, the Brick Alley Pub or Curl Up & Dye.

Anyhow, we’re glad to see Doug doing what he can to maintain Rhode Island’s centuries-old reputation as “The Sewer of New England”.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comedy Correspondent

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