WHY Thames Street Kitchen Is Closing

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NB: So it sounds like your next project may not necessarily be a joint venture…

JH: Oh, you mean with Anna and Tyler? Oh yeah, we’re planning on keeping that, that’s still important for us.

NB: I know family means a lot to you guys, and I think that’s something people love about what you guys do.

JH: Yes, definitely, family is super important.

NB: Is family also another big reason for closing?

JH: Yeah, you know we realized, Chad and I had a kid, Anna and Tyler have two kids, we have two restaurants, it was really difficult to see our children, and have time for ourselves. We grew up in the business so we know it comes with the territory but a little time off to hang with the kiddos is going to be awesome!

NB: It’s like TSK was your first baby, and it’s time to let go.

JH: (laughs) Yeah, thats what I said! It feels like TSK was our first child, and we’re all kind of allowing it to leave the nest now. But it’s good and Anna and Tyler, it will still be the foursome, it will be important to us to do something that’s (pauses) we don’t know exactly what we’re going to do, we’re still working on it. But we definitely want something that still has that sort of homey familiar vibe that we have at TSK.

NB: Are you planning on keeping the BYOB?


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