WHY Thames Street Kitchen Is Closing

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NB: Are you planning on keeping the BYOB?

JH: I don’t know. BYOB was all fun and games for five years, but it obviously it would be nice to have a license.

NB: Which are extremely hard to get around here. But you had a little taste of what that’s like with the beer and wine license at Mission.

JH: Exactly! There aren’t a lot up for grabs, and when they do come up, they are extremely expensive. But with TSK Tyler and Chad could never take a moment to think about the future, because they were constantly thinking about the changing menu, and what’s going on it, what meat and fish are we going to order, or where are we going to get this vegetable, and the changing seasons. So it’s constantly thinking about TSK, and then we have Mission to think about as well.

NB: Well TSK that’s a very hectic style menu for the chefs, and then you have Mission, where the menu is very static, and doesn’t change much at all. Does that make you kind of want to find a happy medium between the two for your next restaurant?

JH: Yeah, I mean, you realize, you open this little burger place like Mission, and it does really well, and it’s something where we don’t have to be there 24/7, which is nice ya know. TSK, literally from the day we opened the four of us have been there day in, and day out. Which was great, and we loved it, but honestly, it’s just change, and we think change is always good, we are always looking to keep things fresh, and that’s really the extent of it.

NB: Ok, so we have your reasons for closing, and an idea of what you plan to do next, so now, what would you like to say to those who heard the news, and were just in shock, denial, and disbelief?

JH: (laughs) Well, we knew it would be shocking, we weren’t sure how to go about it, as far as letting everyone know. We reached out to our regulars who come in consistently, and told them personally.

NB: That’s a nice touch.

JH: Yeah, and we thought it was important to tell everyone who was there consistently, people that may have our personal cell numbers, or something like that, just to shout them out, before we put it out there to the public en masse. Just so they would know what was up. I mean it became a situation where we were getting a lot of emails, and inquiries for parties for next summer, gift certificates for the upcoming holidays, so we had to make a decision. We literally have been discussing this option for months now.

NB: Really? How long has this been in the works then?


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