WHY Thames Street Kitchen Is Closing

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NB: Really? How long has this been in the works then?

JH: Probably for a couple months now, just in terms of, what are we gonna do? We either have to resign the lease, or we gotta go. So probably since the end of the summer, when we had a minute to think about it, but again, to everyone else, it definitely came out of left field, and we wanted to make sure our loyal customers knew. So we figured social media was the best way to put it out there.

NB: And what was that like writing that post?

JH: Oh God, it took forever to write, I wrote a little blurb, it was super sad, I think I cried like eight times, so did Anna, and it was just kind of emotional, but very exciting at the same time, and then I just hit “post” and here we are (laughs).

NB: (laughs) Here we are indeed. So was there one factor, or one person pushing it, or was it kind of like a unanimous group decision once you had time to talk about it?

JH: I would say definitely pretty unanimous. We are constantly with each other, even on our days off, the four of us usually will get together, and just hang out, so it’s a constant conversation. It was something that was looming over our heads as far as whether we could continue it or not.

NB: That’s not an easy decision.

JH: No, its not! Not at all, and I’d hate to keep saying this, but it’s more difficult of a decision when you’re doing well, because it’s like, “Why the heck would you close up shop when you’re doing well?” But there’s always room for improvement, and there’s always room to grow and change. And we also want to think about Mission’s future. You know, are we interested in opening another Mission?

NB: Well that was another one of my questions, does this open the door for any possible Mission move or expansion?

JH: Yeah, I don’t know about Mission moving, because we love our little spot here, but we’ve always talked about Mission expansion, and that will obviously involve Ali, and Pat (Julia, and Anna’s sister/brother-in-law/Mission co-owners) as well.

NB: I’ve heard “Mission Maui” tossed around a lot. (laughs)


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