Why Writing “See ID” On Your Credit Card Makes You A Special Kind Of Douchebag

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It provides no protection, makes you MORE vulnerable and just pisses everyone off.

Way back when, someone decided it would be a great idea to stop a would-be credit card thief from using their credit card without their permission by writing “See ID” in place of their signature. That person was apparently the Pied Piper of Idiots, because these days, almost as many people have “See ID” where they should have signed their cards as have actually signed it.

You already have protection

According to CreditCards.com, Federal law limits your liability to $50 for unauthorized transactions and major credit card all have zero-liability policies that further reduce risk, regardless of how much documentation is requested and presented at the point of sale.

Not signing your card actually leaves it invalid

The signature on the card is actually you signing a contract with your credit card company. Without your signature, the card isn’t actually valid and retailers can (and really should) refuse to accept it.

Why it makes you a douchebag

If you’re in a busy store with a line of people behind you, the last thing anyone needs is an additional step in the check-out process, especially one that serves literally no purpose. But there you are, asking someone to ask you for your ID, because, if you’re like roughly 90% of the people who’ve written “See ID” on the back of their card, you don’t hand your ID over with the card.

So in the middle of a transaction, the store is somehow expected to card you, despite it providing no protection for everyone involved and actually invalidating the card and the whole exchange. You might as well write “Ask me to touch my toes” for all the legal protection you’re going to get from it.

So, yeah…don’t be that guy.

Sign your credit cards.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Financial Correspondent

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