Why You Should Let Me Touch Your Butt: The Powerpoint Presentation

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This Is Very Convincing.

One of the toughest experiences in life is an unrequited desire to touch someone’s butt. There you are thinking “I’d really like to touch their butt. I’ll gladly let them touch my butt in return.” It’s probably a very fair trade. After all, what are butts there for besides for touching?

It wouldn’t be very nice for people to go around showing off their butts without being up for some butt-touching. That said, you can’t just go around touching butts without permission. How do you get that permission?

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There’s nothing like a well-reasoned argument made through the correct presentation software to get you that permission to touch that special someone’s butt. Just pass this on to that special butt in your life and let logic and reason do its thing.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Glute Correspondent

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