Winter Storm Linus To Blanket The Northeast With Snow Monday

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Cartoonists, meme creators and headline writers rejoice.

We have to hand it to the Weather Channel. When they came up with the whole winter storm naming gimmick a few years back, they weren’t taken that seriously. Most other media outlets wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of going along with their naming scheme.

But it’s worked. We all remember Nemo. Using popular culture names for the storms is that extra bit of genius that gives them that extra bit of character, especially for those artistic and comical types who occasionally need a little gasoline for their creative fires.

There are, of course, some dangers. Before one might say that “Newport got tag-teamed by blizzards on January 27th and February 2nd”, but now we’d say “We got tag-teamed by Juno and Linus” and all of a sudden everyone gets these really bizarre mental images. In fact, we might commission a cartoonist to do just that.

Anyway, looks like Newport’s getting 5-8″ on top of all that we’ve already got and that amount it going to grow¬†the further north you go.

We’re guessing that most of you are not happy about this is are feeling just like Hitler did when he got the news.

Anyhow, continue with your Super Bowl preparations. Go Pats!

Meme creators…if we could have a word?

come in on saturday

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Weather Correspondent

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