Woody Allen Has A New Love…And It’s Newport, RI

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The city left quite the impression on the filmmaker.

In an interview with the NY Post’s Page Six, Woody Allen discussed filming “Irrational Man” in Newport last year.

Allen: “We shot in Rhode Island. This had to film in the US. But I need overcast, not sunshine. A nuisance, it means shooting early, 7 to 9 a.m., interiors in the afternoon, outside again 6 to 8 p.m. Takes longer because I need dark days.

“Gray cloudy, like London, we can work outside. The film industry moved to LA 100 years ago to have great sunny days. ‘Magic in the Moonlight,’ which I did in the South of France, was tough. Too many sunny days.

“Sun affects color saturation. No shadows. Also, you set up for 45 minutes, then the sun constantly moves. I need nice soft gray light so actresses look gorgeous. Bright harsh light isn’t nice on a face.

“We sprinkled kids carrying books around, made a religious school into a college because it had grounds like a campus, and rented it. Summer’s slow in Newport.”

Uhhh, “slow”? At Salve, maybe…and perhaps compared to Manhattan, but that may be the first time anyone has said “Summer’s slow in Newport.”

But slow or not, Allen has taken a liking to our city.

“And I fell in love with Newport. If I ever get a summer house it’ll be there.”

Great, maybe he can buy TED creator Richard Wurman’s mansion and we can trade one controversial member of New York City’s intelligentsia for another.

Anyway, to see Newport on the big screen (again), catch Irrational Man in theaters July 17. Check out the trailer.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Film Correspondent

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