The Worst Reviews Of Six Of Newport’s Best Restaurants

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The White Horse Tavern

white horse tavern newport

The oldest continuously-run tavern in America, The White Horse Tavern is known for its fine dining, for its cocktails and as a great place to impress a date. What is it not known for? Flip-flops, which one guy found disheartening.

Bad Review White Horse Tavern 1

Yeah, that would have really showed “them”. Then he could have walked across Marlborough and hung out on Meeting Street with his peeps. They would have probably liked his wife, who wrote her own, pretty much identical review.

Bad Review White Horse Tavern 2

We’re not quite sure what everyone has against dress codes. According to some people, having a dress code is somehow worse than having a terribly run restaurant with awful food.

Think about it. 1-star is as low as you can go. If the bartender knocks up your fiance or you learn the chef ran your whole meal across his taint, you can’t leave a review worse than you did because the restaurant asks people to dress a certain way in keeping with the fine-dining experience.


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