The Worst Reviews Of Six Of Newport’s Best Restaurants

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Brick Alley Pub

Brick Alley Pub

The Brick Alley Pub is a (or the) popular restaurant in Newport. It’s busy 7 days a week, 12 months a year (except for the week after the Super Bowl when they always close for a little remodelling). Anyway, they have a few 1-stars related to their wait times (AKA popularity penalties), but the one that stuck with us is this one.

Bad Review Brick Alley Pub

I understand when a customer gets livid when they turn over their property for safe keeping and it disappears. You really don’t want to do that at a coat check or with a safe deposit box at a hotel. But in this case, it’s a man saying “Why didn’t you look after the sunglasses that I forgot here on a table and made no mention of to anyone?” to which the proper response is something along the lines of “Because that’s not our ****ing responsibility!!!” It’s a busy restaurant with lots of people moving in and out all night, so it’s a tad ballsy to accuse an employee of theft.

But we get it. The guy is upset and emotional because people just won’t leave all the stuff he forgets in public places where he leaves it. A 1-star review is completely justifiable.


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