The Worst Thing About Jamestown FiSH’s Brunch

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Amazing food, great drinks…but there are a couple issues.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Sunday brunch?” I’m sure something like Mimosas, Bloody Marys, or runny eggs comes to mind. Two things that I’m sure don’t come to mind are “Jamestown,” and “fish” but I’m here to tell you why that should change.

Jamestown Fish, for those who don’t know is an award winning restaurant, just over the bridge, in a magical far away land called Jamestown. Chef Matt invited us over to try out their brunch menu, so we canceled our church plans and eagerly, greedily accepted.

Sitting at the bar, we were convinced to try “Frank’s Famous Bloody Mary” by Frank himself. Since it would have been awkward to say no to the man who created it, we ordered a round. We were not disappointed. With just the right amount of spice, flavor, and my personal favorite touch, no celery stalk, this made for the perfect way to slip out of your hangover, and right into a “Sunday Funday” haze. Which we trudged on through with more of Frank’s famous concoction, mimosas, and a couple other specialty cocktails such as the Dancing Pears, a champagne based cocktail with tiny pieces of pears floating up and down the bubbles like tiny fruity dancers. Or the Angels of Alba, which was my personal choice, which some may poo-poo the imbibing of brown liquors at brunch, but remember one thing, I’m a man!

But brunch isn’t all about drinks, so let’s get to the grub. We started with their Buttermilk Pancakes, silver dollar sized fluffy pancakes, served with an apple cranberry compote, and pure maple syrup, that were absolutely delicious. They definitely reminded me why it’s sometimes worth crawling out of bed before noon on a Sunday.

For my main course, I had the “Oeufs En Meurette” which their menu describes as “The classic Burgundian egg dish comprised of two poached eggs topped with a sauce made with copious amounts of red wine, bacon, shallots and mushrooms, then harmonized with a touch of butter. Served on top of toasted country bread.” That may sound like a lot, but it all comes together so well. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the sauce, oh my God, the sauce! The way the bacon, red wine, and mushrooms all come together is perfect, especially with the country bread to soak it all up, simply amazing. It’s worth the inevitable and embarrassing mispronunciation while ordering.

Jamestown Eggs Benedict

As for my brunch companions, the two of them both got the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, (really helping my article with out with the same order guys!) described on their menu as “Scotch whisky smoked salmon with bearnaise on brioche.” Which looked amazing but the description from my friend Andrew I think really sells it the best: “Salmon was mild and tender with an overall smokiness. Eggs poached perfectly and drizzled nicely with a velvety smooth bearnaise. The dish was complemented perfectly with a locally sourced brioche that soaked up the dish beautifully.” Seriously, someone get this kid a job with Food and Wine, ASAP!

After seeing what we ordered, and deciding their was one more thing we HAD to try, chef Matt prepared their “Fabio’s Eggs” for us, and brought it out personally. This was a nice touch, especially since he came out and told us the story behind this dish, which is described on their menu as “ Scrambled egg whites with tomato, garlic, parsley, and hot pepper atop country bread with the yolk and sauteed spinach.” He told us about working at a restaurant in his earlier years. The staff would all be exhausted, and ready for a drink, along with something to eat after their grueling shift. Fabio, a cook in the kitchen would whip up this dish with whatever he had available to him. Chef Matt adopted this dish and made it his own for his brunch menu. I have to be honest, after seeing it on the menu, and seeing it in person, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be my favorite thing, and while I don’t regret my Oeufs at all, I am really glad he brought this out for us to try. It’s not something I would have ordered on my own, but something I’m glad to have tried, and would absolutely order next time. Perhaps to share with the table and spread the tale of this unique and flavorful dish. Cheers to Fabio and his late night cravings!

Jamestown Fish Daytime

One more thing I’d be remiss not to mention about Jamestown Fish, is how perfectly suited their dining room is for brunch. Most of you who have been there probably have only been in the dining room at night. Even if you have been for lunch, that’s only served outside, unless it rains. But the way the light filters in through their dining room in the earlier hours of the day, it really brings the whole room to life in a way that I had never seen before. This was the only thing that made my brown liquor feel out of place.

Overall, there wasn’t a single beat missed. I have no doubt if you decide to join them for brunch, you will have the same experience I had, as Chef Matt has created an amazing menu, complemented by a beautiful setting, great, friendly staff, and wonderful cocktails. Now all you have to do is get an EZ-Pass and find your way off this island!

However there are a couple problems…


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