Yelp’s Bizarre Choice For Newport’s Best Liquor Store

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There’s a new number one Newport, RI liquor store (but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

There’s a new top liquor store in town, at least according to Yelp. As liquor stores go, they’re actually a bit crap. Their selection consists of only 20 different beers, they’re only sold as singles, they’re priced about three times higher than most other liquor stores and you’re not allowed to leave with your drinks. The only really redeeming aspect of the place is its snacks, which consist of what are usually considered the best burgers in town.

Mission Burger Newport Liquor Store

That’s right, according to Yelp, the best liquor store in Newport is Mission Burger, which is, once again, a bizarre choice. Just to review, Mission has about 20 craft beers available, while the liquor store directly behind them, Bridge Liquors, has about 400. Mission sells wine and prosecco…but Bridge has a selection st least 100 times larger, with much better prices. When it comes to liquor, forget it. Mission doesn’t have any, while Bridge has “all of it”.

On the flipside, the food at Mission is easily 100 times better than that at Bridge, but that is due to Class A liquor licenses being unable to sell anything that’s not 50% salt and hermetically sealed in a plastic bag. That said, liquor stores aren’t typically known for their artisanal burgers, so while Mission does have amazing burgers, the food shouldn’t be enough to pull them to the top of the liquor store rankings.

Yelp has gotten a little loony on this one.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Yelp Correspondent

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