Yesterday’s WTF Moment At Marble House

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Rope jumper results in evacuation, manhunt, beatdown.

Newport tourist attractions are a lot like Disneyworld. They’re welcoming, rather expensive…and there are many people nearby ready to ruin your day if you get out of line. A 20-year-old Central Falls man learned the latter when he rushed the entrance, made his way into the Marble House mansion and jumped a rope to get into a restricted area.

Newport Patch reports that Luis M. Lopez, of 387 Hunt St., Central Falls, was told to leave by Marble House employees, but ran and hid. So the staff were probably all “WTF?!?” and then they called the cops who had to have been all “WTF?!? Alright, we’ll be be right there.”

So the general public were forced to evacuate the building, which we’re sure resulted in quite a few more WTFs among quite a few people who were thinking “Seriously? When we’re halfway through the tour?”

According to Patch, police started taking a look around…

Police began a search of the mansion and as they were going up a spiral staircase to the second floor, saw a bathroom. Lopez was found hiding in the corner and reportedly resisted officers’ efforts to get him to leave the room.

Police said they had to use physical force to restrain Lopez as he kicked his legs and fought with officers. One officer used his baton and “delivered several strikes while telling Lopez to stop kicking his legs,” the police report stated.

Lopez was eventually subdued and was led out of the building.

…and he was held for arraignment Tuesday morning.

So this has us very…



What makes a 20-year-old from Central Falls want to get into Marble House that bad? Did he think he could do a snatch and dash with some 19th century piece of Newport history and sell it? Because that is not how things work here in Newport. The antiques on display in Newport’s mansions are not like copper piping you rip out of someone’s house to sell for scrap. They’re a little bit harder to fence than that, assuming you can escape the property with the property.

Obviously, it’s very possible that Mr. Lopez doesn’t have the mental faculties to understand the antiques market…but then, why would he be in Newport? Not that dumb people can’t get to Newport. But usually dumb people from Central Falls who come to Newport aren’t taking in the scenery. They’re making a delivery of some fashion.

Anyhow, the situation would appear to be under control so it’s all good now.

But seriously, WTF?!?!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Mansion Correspondent

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