Z-Boys: Live In A Newport Mansion

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These surf rockers played the first Newporch Live Session for the Newport Art House.

One of Newport’s busiest bands is the Z-boys. They’ve been really making a splash in the Newport scene for the last few years, playing lots of gigs locally and off the island. They released their debut self-titled CD in September.

Just before that, the Z-boys played the gig above, where the Newport Art House arranged for them to bring their sound to an environment that contrasts with that of their more typical gigs.

Their self description is as follows:

The Z-Boys are a most excellent power trio hailing from Newport, Rhode Island. With a combination of surf rock, blazing fast country, latin, and metal influences, The Z-Boys will grab your attention and give it a smooch. If you can pick your jaw up off the floor, you may find yourself dancing until the tequila emerges from all your pores. Oh, and we’ll make you pancakes after.

The Z-boys consist of Greg Burgess on guitar, Amato Zinno, a man once described to us as “The world’s friendliest Q-tip” on bass, and Ziggy Coffey on drums.

They play Perro Salado every Wednesday night, but check out their Facebook Page for other gigs.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Music Correspondent

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